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Testimonials - what buyers are saying!

What buyers are saying about my Chevelle-related CD/DVD products and Chevelle books.

  • Hi Dale,
    I just got the new book on Chevelle restoration. It looks incredible. I'm lacking on knowledge but coupled with this book and my desire and passion I feel I can restore an old American muscle car.
  • I am impressed with the contents of the CDs!
    B. Fritts
  • Your references were invaluable in the restoration of my 66 which took me about 3 years. Thanks for putting out a great reference and contributing to the hobby.
    T. Jones
  • Thanks for a great resource, it sure does answer a lot of questions. I just wish someone would make one for my ’66 Corvette.
    D. Donohue
  • Great reference by the way. Was able to verify everything on my build sheet. Well worth the peace of mind.
    M. Drees
  • Got it today, looks like it may be the best $$$ I've spent on my car so far. Thanks, great product.
    D. Hunt
  • I think I forgot to tell you that your last revision of the '66 CD was terrific - nice big photos and layout was excellent.
    D. Armstrong
  • Wow! Does this (AIM CD) ever beat the manual down in my garage!
    C. Zullinger
  • I love it. Easy to navigate. The detail is spectacular. Thanks for all the hard work towards these great old cars.
    Todd Jones
  • Thanks once again for your endeavors to document these Chevelles!!!  I, my wife, and my wallet can't thank you enough for all the information you have assembled that has saved me so much money, time and wasted effort restoring our (2) 1967 Chevelles...Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
    Bob Stumpf
  • Yes, I would certainly like to update my existing 1966 Chevelle Reference CD version by downloading the file. It is a GREAT tool.
    Phil Melore
  • Thanks again for the great work.
  • The Factory Assembly Manual CD is great!  Keeps my dog-eared paper copy intact and I don't have to have it on my lap when trying to find info on the Internet from my PC. Thanks for a super CD!
    Gerald Wilson
  • Your combination 1966/1967 Chevelle Reference CD is the best resource I've seen for information on these two years I've come across. Layout is logical and it's easy to find material.  Much more in-depth than other Chevelle CDs I've used and since I have a Malibu and covers more than just the SS, it's better for me.
    D. James
  • The 67 CD is without a doubt the best and most informative research material that I have ever seen. I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into it and it shows. I look forward to getting the 66-67 version.
    Larry Andrews
  • Thanks for putting all the information on a CD for me non computer people to use.
    Mike Forler
  • "I just received the 67 Reference CD and I have to tell you that it’s great...a super reference tool."
    J. Rowell
  • "This product has helped me in several ways. I think that anyone with a 67 Chevelle needs this in his collection."
    Freddy Mercado
  • "Just picked up a 67 SS 396 yesterday. Your CD is just what I needed. Thanks a bunch!"
    Peter Kowalski
  • "Finally something with photos that are actually readable! Doesn't include everything I was looking for but then none of the other so called reference books do either. Your free updates are something others don't do, heck they don't even update incorrect material!  Kudos for your efforts."
    Jim Daly
  • The 66 CD came today. Checked it out for about 5 minutes. Looks great, I'm sure it will help me. And yes your pictures are much bigger than {another CD offering}, better for my eyes to see! Just wanted to say thanks, and I'll be seeing you around TC.
    Rich Johnson
  • Concerning your CD I have to give you my highest respect: this CD is A W E S O M E!! That must have been tons of work to get it done this way, it´s done VERY professional!! Thanks again for shipping this jewel to Germany!
    Thomas Brandl
  • Your CD is awesome!!!! and thanks for the update.  I have been looking and asking for a template or measurements for placement of emblems for about a year now.  Your update has them!!!!!!!!  Thanks so much.
    Rich Barrett
  • Thanks, Dale. Great CD.
    Steve Cristi
  • Excellent reference and very user friendly.
    Dean Call
  • As described; works great on a Mac too!
  • Dale, just wanted to let you know that the information in the  66/67 Combo CD is way more than I expected !! Totally shows all the knowledge and hard work that went into the making of this CD. This truly is a "must have" for any Chevelle guy/gal.
    A. Andrews
  • I have your CD and it is the most informative thing out there for a 67 Chevelle.
    T. Owens
  • You have a great CD, it has been a wealth of information, especially the Canadian Malibu SS. My brother had a 66 and I knew it was an SS, not a super sport. You cleared up quite a conundrum for me. About 1/4 thru my rebuild of  a 67.
    W. MacKenzie
  • Your (1966) CD has been a very valuable asset.
    Glen Evans
  • Great CD, thanks! (Combination 1966/1967)
    O. Cruz
  • Your CD is stocked with a lot of great information and any new updates are really appreciated!
    Jim Smith
  • Well rounded info for all (66) models including 300 series. Good pictures, info has been extensively researched.
    T. Lloyd
  • Love the (67) CD, you did a great job of putting it together.
    Glenn P.
  • I love the info included in the (67) cd and have learned quite a bit. I think this is a must, for reference.
    R. Post
  • Just got my 67 CD as well as the 67 AIM.  Great in-depth detail on the reference CD and the AIM on CD is especially handy when I'm on the move with my laptop - one less paper book I have to lug around!
    J. Mason