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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy more than one CD and get a discount?
A: Certainly! Any purchase of 5 or more Chevelle Reference CDs or Factory Assembly Manual CDs in any combination earns a 20% discount.  More than five is even more of a discount, please contact me for details. If purchasing only one Reference or Assembly CD via Credit Card, consider using the checkout on the Products page.

Q: Will the CD help me restore my car to factory specifications?
A: Much depends on what car you are restoring. While either Reference CD or Factory Assembly Manual CD will be a tremendous help, there is no publication I know of that is specifically designed to show you everything for a specific year and model. The SS396 enjoys tremendous popularity with the Malibu and there is a great deal of information available for restoration purposes. Other series Chevelles such as the 300, 300 Deluxe and (until now) lesser desirable models like the 2-door sedan and station wagons do not have the range of aftermarket restoration parts available for them and will require more perseverance.

Q: Will the CD work with any Internet browser?
A: The CDs have been tested with Internet Explorer versions 6 thru 11 as well as the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and MS Windows version of Opera and Google Chrome. They have not been tested with any version of Netscape. Most use some form of JavaScript to display popup windows or slideshows so if your browser is not equipped to handle Java code, certain things may not work as expected.