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Custom Car Show/Toolbox/Refrigerator Magnets

Your club or organization can promote their members with these handy car show/toolbox/refrigerator magnets with custom imaging and text or you can simply promote your own car! Your club or organization logo can be incorporated to make them truly distinctive. I can do any car for you.

For club members you can mix and match your member's cars as needed. Club members can have their individual car on a single magnet or as many as they wish, overall order must be for magnets in quantities of 10 so they are easily affordable for individual members. Pricing is $19.95 ($23.95 Canada) for a sheet of 10 - 10 images of 1 car or 1 image of 10 cars, no difference. I'll email you an example of the product before any printing is done so you can approve it. Each magnet is 3.5" x 2" so it's easy to find a place for them.

Please note that some colors may not print exactly due to the properties of ink jet printers and computer resolution as well as quality of image used.

 Contact me for a quote based on your special needs.

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Here are a few demo examples and visitor's cars:

1072 GMC Sprint 1968 Chevelle SS396
1969 Chevelle 1964
1965 1966
1967 1967
1968 1969
1969 1970
1970 1971
1972 1969
GR8PMKN © ChevelleCD
Dale's 2008 HHR SS LS6 Chevelle
W30 442 Oldsmobile Buick GS 455
Carlos 68 SS Carlos 68 SS
SSR Mac's Registries

  Clubs, organizations, and small businesses can get their name out there at a reasonable cost.


Contact me for quantity pricing and artwork requirements.