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Credit Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

If the recipient's address is outside North America, please contact me with EXACT mailing address for country before ordering so I can check on mailing/shipping rate and give you a quote.

Note: The information entered is not checked for validity - please make sure card number/cvv is entered correctly.

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     Quantity SS396 keychain via U.S. First Class Package - $8.95 (typically 5-9 days)

     Quantity SS454 keychain via U.S. First Class Package - $8.95 (typically 5-9 days)

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     Quantity SS396 via First Class International Package - $8.95 (See * below ↓)

     Quantity SS454 via First Class International Package - $8.95 (See * below ↓)

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* Shipping outside the U.S. can run as much as an additional $25.00 or more depending on the country and weight as items must go First Class International Package. This postage charge will be added to the total of your credit card order. Unfortunately I never know what the exact charge is going to be until I have the complete address and total weight of the package. I will calculate the cost based on the mailing address provided and email you at the email address provided for a final cost BEFORE charging your credit card.

Please email me at before making a purchase if your mailing address is outside of the U.S. to get a quote or if you have any questions.

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