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Download 1966/1967 Combination CD - $24.95

For Windows-based PCs, the download is a .EXE file that will install the software on your computer and create a desktop icon.  Optionally, for Windows-based PCs and Apple computers, a compressed .ZIP file can be downloaded but does not use an installation procedure to extract the files.

1966/1967 Chevelle Reference CD
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For download versions, there is no need to follow up asking for the download address. I reply to all download sales manually and will email you the current, valid address to download the program.

Please specify if you have a MAC computer when downloading!

The 1966/1967 Chevelle Reference CD is now available for purchase online via download if you do not need the CD media. If you need the information now and do not wish to wait for postal delivery, here's your chance to download it to your PC or MAC and get it quickly and save money too!

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It is important these steps be followed when ordering by PayPal.
1. Determine payment method above - PayPal or cash/check/money order.
2. Complete the transaction with PayPal and be sure to specify you are ordering the 1966/1967 Combination CD.
3. PayPal will notify me of your payment.
4. Usually within 24 hours after PayPal notification of payment, you will be emailed a confirmation and a URL to download the .ZIP or .EXE file.
5. The URL will be valid for 24 hours after sending confirmation allowing you time to download the file.

There is no need to send follow-up email asking for instructions. The download process is manually controlled and I will send you a link to download the programs.

If ordering by USPS mail with payment by check, money order, etc. you MUST include your email address with the payment and specify you wish to purchase the downloadable version. You will be emailed the URL to download the file.