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* SS396/SS454 Collector Coin #2 *

This coins differs from the SS396/SS454 Chevelle Collector Coin #1 in size (1.5-inch vs. 2-inch), material (ceramic vs. metal), and scope. The SS396 side is applicable to not only SS936 Chevelles, but SS396 Camaros and SS396 Chevy II/Novas as well.


SS454 Side

SS396 Side

CHEVELLECD © All Rights Reserved CHEVELLECD © All Rights Reserved

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Hard plastic protective case

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 For my Canadian and other worldwide friends, please contact me first with EXACT/CORRECT mailing address for a quote - please be specific about what you wish to order.

If the recipient's address is outside the United States, please contact me with EXACT/CORRECT mailing address for that country and quantity desired for country before ordering so I can check on mailing/shipping rate and give you a quote.

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