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Detroit Iron Information Systems CD

Detroit Iron Information Systems CD are single year specific 1964 through 1972.

Detroit Iron Information Systems

While this may not be applicable to older MAC operating systems, it is applicable to my OS X Yosemite 10.10.3.

When inserting a disc into a CDROM and double-clicking the CDROM icon on the desktop you may see something like this.

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My version of OS X (at least on my MAC Mini) does not support the application and will get this message when the .app icon is selected:

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There is a workaround if your MAC does not support PC emulation.  Click the OK button to close this message.

Double-click the Documents folder on the CD and you should see a screen similar to this (year and manuals may be different).

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Note there are 4 folders. This happens to be for a 1971 Chevrolet CD so your year will be shown for those three.  All year's CDs will show the Chevrolet Parts 1964 folder.

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When you expand any of these 4 folders you will see numerous .PDF files that can be opened with Apple's Preview program.

So, while MAC user's don't enjoy a menu-driven CD like Windows-based PCs do, the files are there and available.

Optionally you can copy all the files in the Documents folder on the CD to your local hard drive.