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Classic Chevelle Calendar™ - 2018
1968 Chevelle's 50th Anniversary

Classic Chevelle Calendar - 2018

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* I have not tried to process international credit cards from Canada but willing to try; if one does not clear I will email you with particulars. If one does not work and if you have a friend in the U.S. you can have them purchase the items on their card and send it along to you - or if you enter a Canada mailing adress the U.S. card will be charged a minimum additional $3.50 for postage for a small calendar or $10.00 over the U.S. First Class postage (e.g. $23.45 for a single small calendar vs $19.95 or $9.50 for a single large calender,  $33.45 vs $23.95, since it must go as a package) - multiple calendars orders will cost more depending on the weight and size. I would have to see what the postage on the items are according to the U.S.P.S. website.
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